Classic Mini culture.

A large majority (including myself) tend to see their Mini as a loved one. Part of the family. And because of this, seeing another Mini owner isn’t like seeing another person with similar interests... It’s like seeing a close family member you haven’t seen in some time.

Every year, at the annual car show in my area, people bring cookies, drinks, and just hang out in a way that’s so much more than friendly. It really is like family.

Heck, my wife made my Mini a giant bow-tie for our wedding.

Also, there’s just about no animosity, at all. You completely tore apart your car, removed everything original and put it back together with a hand made K’Nex rubber band engine? The very worst you’ll get is, “Woah, that’s so cool. Who would’ve thought that would’ve worked out?” It’s all about whatever makes you warm and fuzzy inside. From keeping everything original to the extremes of personalization... They’re all welcome.

Of course, there’s always “those people”. Like either the owner of the car club or “that guy” which are trying to profit off your love for the Mini. But those people usually don’t spoil the fun too much.

Also, going through canyons at, allegedly, a minimum of double the speed limit, with 10 other Minis, it’s a feeling unlike any other.