Our Tercel4wd.com forum has a few moments that I have been proud about.

A/ Sending parts and advice to people across the world including Africa

B/ Giving up the couch for other members to stay as they travel across the USA to pick up and keep these jalopies on the road

C/ A member who is a car designer that found his parents car in a ditch 15 years after they sold it and has put it back through a painstaking bare metal original restoration

Being a niche, simple machine that was only manufactured for 5 years with one engine and a couple of different transmissions means that there is literally no arguments about advice. It also is a pragmatic car that attracts practical, outdoor types be they engineers working for Boeing or Pizza Delivery driver snowboarders in Saskatchewan, Family men in Russia or preachers in Africa etc.

D/ We’ve only throwen off two legitimate members in 15 years and people generally respect each others views even if it gets a bit political sometime we find that its good to get it out there!