Not specific to a brand of car, but I really like the rally community. I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like to, but every time I have been somewhere with rally it has been a lot of fun.

If you are going to an actual event you get to go out and explore. There’s great scenery, great driving roads, and the other people out there are having as much fun as you are so everyone is in a good mood.

If you are working on building a car it may be a PITA, but you probably enjoy wrenching if you are working on a rally car. Chances are if you have anyone else there from the rally community they are at least giving advice if not wrenching themselves.

Any time I have ever had a question rally related, anyone from the community has been willing to help answer.

Rally people are also generally super safe too so instead of parking lot burnouts turned “hold my beer and watch this” moments, you get responsible hooniganism. Rally people would rather crumple their car around themselves than hit little Johnny playing in the street.