I’ve been a part of the Ford Festiva community for the better part of two years and I can’t imagine a more diverse, inclusive, and generous community. We have everyone ages 13-84, racecar engineers to professional pizza delivery drivers all unified by this humble little hatchback. We have lots of fun at our meets from car raffles, to window marker hijinks, but the most impressive thing is the miraculous repairs that happen at our annual meets.
My very first meet, I got into an unfortunate accident on the the way. I still drove the seven hours because I knew I would be with the most experienced Festiva mechanics on the planet. When I arrived at midnight I was warmly welcomed and there were seven people already around my car scheming to fix it. They next day the cut from just in front of my right shock tower to the left side of my radiator support and cut and welded in the same piece from a parts car at no cost to me, without me asking. People heard about my plight on the way there and brought replacement parts in the right color! We had it all put back together in less than 30hrs. It was then I knew I was indebted to this great community forever. Two years and three Festivas (and one Aspire) later, I know I’m in it for life!
This year, I attended every Festiva event in North America including a track day in Wilcox, Arizona and a scenic drive near Banff National Park in Alberta. Here’s a short film I made from that trip: