I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but the San Diego Miata Club is the best social club or car club I’ve ever had the privilege to be a member of.

I sold my Laguna Blue & Tan NA not long after our kiddo was born, but have stayed friends with many of the members of the club and I badly miss seeing everyone on a regular basis. The club has a wide selection of events from more driving-oriented to more food-and-camaraderie oriented, so there was typically 3-4 opportunities a month to spend time with the club.

As a whole, Miata owners (even those on the internet) tend to be friendly and focused on the same “car ownership values” that I am: The joie de vivre of driving (and wrenching), the sharing of solid information, and inclusiveness.

Now that my daughter is old enough (big enough) to ride along with a booster, I’m seriously shopping for another Miata, just so I can rejoin the club and bring her along. Good Daddy/Daughter bonding times ahead, for sure.