I used to go (i went twice) to a weekly car meet in the Best Buy parking lot in Burlington, WA. It was typically full of shitty cars with a few exceptions. I had a ‘03 350Z (I loved my Z) with a few mods - nothing crazy. The Greddy kit would usually attract attention.

These meets were also the starting point for boy racers to set up and bet on highway races. One of these guys walked up to me and asked what was under the hood and me being reluctant to share due to a recent string of car-jackings happening in the area, I just told him it was stock. He looks at me shaking his head and says “just tell people that you don’t race next time.” Eat shit you turd.

He then opened the lambo doors on his 240SX, turn back to me to nod his head (I shit you not), got in and starting doing doughnuts. About 1.5 revolutions into said doughnuts he crashed into a truck.

I stopped going after this.