I finally bought my (though odd to some) dream car of a 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT-8. Mint condition, always garaged, mountain of maintenance paperwork. This thing was in incredible shape, but the owner decided it was time to buy a Hellcat and sold the maggie to me. I drove up to San Jose from LA to pick it up and drive it back down.

Fast forward a year and I register and attend the giant Springfest (Mopar show) in Anaheim, at the Angels Stadium. I’m minding my own business when the gentleman who I bought the car from shows up and recognizes me and the car. Just then, the previous previous owner (who sold it with 8k on the odometer) randomly comes around and sees the car he wished he held on to, in mint condition, being displayed proudly, with the guy he sold it to and the guy who bought it from him.

It was just cool that three generations of owners, all who loved the car and pledged to maintain it were able to meet, take photos together and share memories and experiences with the car.