Not me but a friend and not a car but a bike meet.

My friend had a 1975 BMW R75 that was stolen. It was Red, fairly stock but had an aftermarket seat on it that was a period correct import from Germany (I don’t know anything else about it, but it was basically a cafe racer style seat). Under the seat had a small compartment that was fairly hidden where he stored his registration and a couple tools.

Anyways a few years after he gets the bike stolen we go to a bike meet held at an old drive-in movie theater.

We were looking at bike and I see his eyes lock onto a bike from across the field. It was a 1975 R75 but in black. Had the same style seat on it. He goes strait to it. The closer you got to it, the worse the paint looked. Clearly a hald-assed job.

He lifts the seat, and guess what he finds? HIS fucking registration. Some guy comes up to him and starts asking what he was doing, and starts getting in my buddies face. They cause enough commotion to draw a crowd and the police officers that were directing traffic.

Come to find out, the guy who claimed the bike was his had a warrant out for his arrest for grand theft auto and a list of other things. We have no idea if he was the one who stole the bike but he got arrested for it and spent some time in jail and my buddy got his bike back.

He still has the bike and it’s his daily in the summer.