I was at Daytona last year for the Ferrari Finali Mondiali. Some buddies and I had our DSLR’s with us while combing the parking lots looking at the 1200+ Ferrari’s in attendance.

Some random guy calls us over and the conversation basically goes like this:

Man: “Hey, you guys look like you know your way around a camera. Could you take photos of my 14 Ferrari’s for me? Here, I’ll pay you!” [starts handing out $100 bills]

Us: “Umm, yeah, sure...” [glances around for cameras b/c we must be getting punk’d]

Man: “Also, I have more Ferrari’s than friends, so can I recruit some of you to drive in the parade tonight?”

Us: O.O

And that’s how I found myself in the cockpit of a 458 Speciale, behind a Bianco Fuji LaFerrari in a billion dollar traffic jamb at Daytona.

10/10 Would recommend.