There’s that time I drove 600 miles with an engine riding shotgun.

I used to be really active in the older Subaru (1980s and earlier) community. A bunch of us used to get together once a year or so in various places in the Northeast.

It was a pretty close-knit group and it was pretty common for people to act as couriers shuttling parts from one place to another.

I once hauled an engine from Connecticut to Pennsylvania on my way home to West Virginia. The best way we found to haul it in a 1987 Subaru GL was to remove the passenger seat and set it right there on the floor. I made the entire trip back with an engine riding next to me and got some confused looks from a couple of toll booth operators.

I think that was also the time I bought a 1987 Subaru XT Turbo for $300 from the same guy who supplied the engine. Went back with a friend and picked it up a month later. Popup headlights and a digital dash!