Great question and even a few great answers. As a youth I was quite reckless, and also quite rural. Here are a few that came to my recollection;

1. In high school, every idiot knew that you didn’t slam the car into plowed snowdrifts, but when you found natural snowdrifts they were heaven! On a good 6" snowfall long expanses of rural blacktop could lead to drifts of 2' to 4'. Only when I could get a couple of guys to go with, I would plow the Dodge Dart through these drifts. The guys could always push me out backwards if I got stuck, but when we got through it was awesome. The entire grill covered with snowpack, and a shower flying all around the car! Plus, the next guy now had a path to follow to get through. Had to know exactly where the (drift covered) ditch was, cause there was no pushing out of that.

2. On my way back to college in my brand new graduation gift (FWD TC3 Turismo), I learned how a FWD manual handled in slippery conditions. I’d always driven RWD previously. It was awesome! I discovered if there was a 9" wide clear path on a snow-packed road, keeping one tire in the path, I could cruise 55-65. When the clear path disappeared, fishtailing ensued. That was the day I learned that lifting off the throttle (which worked so well in RWD) was not effective in FWD (if you’re a neophyte, the right answer is to feather the throttle) I believe I went full sideways in each direction at least twice, before I landed in the ditch, sitting on about 2' of snow. Tried to rock out, tried to dig out, but ended up walking down the country road, knocking on doors every 1/4 mile until a kind farmer took his tractor out and I was back on the road instantly. I kept it around 40 mph the rest of the way.