I learned to control a car in the snow by doing handbrake turns in my friend’s neighborhood. No curbs, no sidewalks, just a smooth transition from pavement to front lawn. Very forgiving circumstances, though looking back we may have caused some damage. To this day I have never driven a car that does a handbrake turn as well as an ‘89 Ford Probe on 4/$100 tires.

We used to tie tubes to the back bumper and pull each other around in college. It’s crazy fun until you hit a bare patch, or a mailbox. Hopefully you’re smart enough to jump off before you hit the mailbox. Bare patches are a little harder to anticipate.

My grandparents live on a large lake that freezes thick enough you can drive a truck on it. We would take the quads down, tube in tow, and have a blast drifting around and slingshotting eachother across the ice. I can’t think of a better time.

Now I live in AZ and never get to drive in the snow. Frozen hoonage is the only part of winter I miss.