What’s The Most Insane Thing You’ve Done In Your Car During Winter?

If you include “stupid” within the spectrum of “insane”, then: Snowball fights. Yeah, with cars. Moving cars. This was back in high school, where you get the apex of stupidity combined with the unthinking bravery of youth and the willful ignorance of adolescence all coming together. Anyway, we were all in a parking lot, some people were afoot, others were hanging out the windows gathering snow while the cars were tooling along, and it was literally just a dodgeball game of snowballs and vehicles.

This was not a smart thing to do. It was outright stupid, not to mention painfully dangerous. I don’t know how my friends and I didn’t end up dead from all the stupid shit we did as teenagers. But this event falls well within the spectrum of “Are you insane?”, so it fits here.

I probably should include the bottle rocket war, but there was only one, single vehicle (pickup truck) involved with that one, and it was out in a field surrounded by woods, so everyone not on the truck driver’s side just stayed in the woodline shooting while the truck wheeled around and tore up the field.

None of these experiences should be repeated by anyone. Ever. But again, the criteria here is “Insane”, so, well... yeah, there it is.