Growing up in Northern Indiana provided a lot of great winter activities, but as my friends and I grew older we began to grow bored of slowly sledding down hills on our asses. Like many people, we began to dabble in pulling sleds behind motorized vehicles. Snowmobiles and 4-wheelers were great, but didn’t quite provide the thrill we were looking for. One year after we finally had our licences we pulled one of those old, over-sized, aluminum satellite dishes out of our junk pile (yes, most people living in the countryside in Indiana have junk piles). That particular satellite dish was a remnant of the late 1980s, and was no less than 8' wide. It was the perfect saucer sled. We built an anchor plate and used a tow strap to secure that beauty to the back of my ‘91 Eddie Bauer Bronco, and the rest was history.

We had access to my field, and the adjoining corn field, which is basically a half mile speedway in the winter. Nobody ever got seriously injured, but there was a day when my buddy John decided to jump off the dish while I was pulling him at no less than 45 mph. He said he had wondered if it would hurt to fall off. He didn’t do that again.

That satellite dish lasted us through most of high school, and became well know by many in the town. Our moms always told us to cut that dangerous shit out, but after a brief ride even they were fans. Eventually the dish met its demise after flying around a corner into a tree, and getting ripped in two. Sadly this was before everyone had a GoPro, so all we have to go by are our memories.

Now I live in Southern California where people don’t drive Broncos, don’t go sledding, and look down on people with trash piles.

Here’s the Bronco in all Her glory...