I hope the statute of limitations is up! My cousin and I went to a party in northern Michigan after we closed the bar. I had my 1 month old Dodge ram we were driving. After some drinking at the party, the host decided he wanted a 100 foot tall pine tree taken down. I had drank just enough that I thought it was a good Idea to hook the truck up and pull it down. First attempt I got laughed at and pissed me off. So I backed all the way up to the tree put it in 4 low and gassed it. The tree came out of the ground with more ease than I thought possible. Now there are about 20 people standing around and someone says what are you going to do with a 100 foot tall pine tree attached to a chain to your truck? My cousin had an idea, he said jump in I’ m driving. We towed this tree 3 miles to a small town. He says ok, I’m getting in the back of the truck and just do what I say. OK! He guides me into a front lawn of a house in this small town, jumps out and unhooks the tree. just as the porch light comes on, I gas it and my cousin doesn’t have time to jump back in the truck. Now I have to look for him, I drive slowly back past the house, he is behind a bush holding the chain. He runs jumps in the bed and I take off again. We stop and he gets back in the drivers seat and I ask him who’s house that was, he informs me it is the town sheriff, who also doubles as the judge. On our way back home the next day the state police had crime scene tape around the tree, that was still in his front lawn.