We were 16, and a buddy just got his license and spent his savings working part-time at a grocery store on a Chevrolet Cavalier, which cost around $800 if I remember correctly. We lived in a small town, so him and I were pretty much the only ones in our class that had cars, but since mine was a CRX (2 seats), we took his everywhere.

After a pretty heavy snowfall, the snowplow came out and plowed main street. Since cars parked on the sides of the street, he left the snow in a strip down the middle of the street. Now, being 16, we thought it would be cool to plow through this strip of snow. So we piled 6 people into his Cavalier, took it down a back alley, and got as much speed as we could before hitting the pile of snow (which, being a Cavalier, wasn’t very much).

As it turns out, you can pack a snow pile quite dense. We hit the pile so hard that the roof of the car was even bent, and the front doors didn’t even come close to matching the shape of their spaces. Luckily, nobody was hurt too bad, which I still have no idea how since nobody in the back seat was wearing seatbelts. It was also pretty busy in the downtown area, and since it was a small town, we got a bit of a reputation.

It was probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever participated in, but at least there’s one less Cavalier on the roads now, so that’s a bonus.