Houston is a fantastic place to live (diverse, world-class arts/food/entertainment but not pretentious (ah-hem, Dallas), friendly) but it could be difficult for a visitor to enjoy without some guidance as there’s no touristy focal point in the city. Yes it’s often hot, big deal, plan accordingly.

Uber is widely available and a good idea if taking advantage of the breweries or bars. Trip Advisor has good recommendations for attractions (the Funeral Museum is fantastic and an unusual outing).

As a resident, these are some of our favorites:


Korean BBQ, Korean Fried Chicken, Craft Beer & duck/venison/boar hot dogs at an outdoor dive bar, Upscale and modern Mexican at Hugo’s


Saint Arnold’s is the original craft brewery in town, a very Houstonian destination, and a great way to meet locals. Go on Saturday morning 30-45min before they open at 11am and take games. There are 10+ more great breweries in town but City Acre stands out as a serene outdoor spot in a very industrial part of the city.

Live Music:

Last Concert Cafe is a long-standing hippy/Mexican/Houstonian restaurant and music venue. Warehouse Live for more commercial acts.


In the summer see a free movie in Market Square Park. Alamo Drafthouse chooses great movies and sets up a high-quality outdoor show. Similarly, Showboat drive-in is a bit outside town, but runs new release double-features year-round.

Kayaking down Buffalo Bayou is a great way to see Houston. Can google kayak rental shops with tours to join.

Shooting Ranges:

There are a million to choose from, but Top Gun and Athena stand out and will rent you firearms.


Again, a million to choose from, but downtown The Pastry War (awesome Tequila and Mescal selection) and OKRA Charity Bar (all profit for each month goes to a charity, and each drink gets you a vote on which charity gets the month’s profit) stand out.