Lived in Houston for 7 years. The best thing about Houston is the abundance of great restaurants. Here are some of the ones I liked broken down by cuisine

Tacos - If you want more authentic tacos, Tacos La Bala and Taqueria Laredo (on Washington Ave and Snover) are the best bets. Laredo in particular gets super busy on weekends and the line goes out the door. if you want more frou-frou fusion tacos (and pay premium for ‘em) Torchy’s in my favorite (although it’s an Austin chain)

Mexican - Original Ninfa’s on Navigation. Margaritas are good here too

BBQ - Killen’s BBQ in Pearland is the best, bar none. If you can’t drive out to the burbs, honestly Rudy’s BBQ is my go-to.

Vietnamese - Pho Ve Dem on Bellaire or Pho Binh by Night (for pho) and Bodard Bistro (for nem nuong spring rolls. Read about nem nuong here

Chinese - Many places around Bellaire area. I like Mala Sichuan because it’s my favorite style of Chinese food (they also have a location in Montrose closer to downtown)

Gastropub (i hate this word but it’s the best description)- Underbelly in Montrose. Menu changes often and sometimes the dishese are overpriced but it’s a fun place and the food is creative. Go to Hay Merchant next door for a huge selection of beer (they also have a good bar menu with things like fried pig ears)

Fancy pants dinner - Pass and Provisions are two adjoined restaurants. The Pass is a prix fixe place, Provisions it’s more casual sister. Can’t go wrong with either.

Steak - Taste of Texas. Gets crowded, takes no reservations. A few times we would go at 9:30-10PM to avoid the wait, which is not the healthiest option but when the steak is so good who gives a f***

Others - Weights & Measures. This is a combination restaurant, bakery and bar. I didn’t get to go there as much as it opened around the time I moved away but what I did try was great.

Now I’m starving and looking for flight tickets to go visit.