Driving - If you are from the east coast from Virginia on up to New England you will get very frustrated driving here. Around town (not on highways), people are extremely laid back and in no hurry to get to their destination. Also, everything is very spread out so you will need a car to get anywhere.

Weather - Avoid Houston at all costs from June through September unless you love sweating for 15 hours a day. Also, Levy park is one of the coolest parks I have ever been to and they have an excellent playground and lots of food trucks.

Parks - Check out Hermann park for some great walking trails and bird viewing and the Houston Zoo and Japanese gardens are here as well.

Museum - If you have kids of any age, don’t miss the Houston Children’s Museum. Also, go to Nasa’s Johnson Space Center if you have never gone.

Hotels - If you travel to Houston on the weekend and don’t mind staying in the middle of a city built completely out of shopping malls, stay at the Galleria. The hotels are expensive during the week when business travelers are in town but are fairly inexpensive most weekends ($80-$120 for a 4 star hotel) and you can pick up a quick meal at one of the restaurants at the mall if you are short on time or too tired to venture out. Also, it’s centrally located and very safe.

Food - Check out the cool local restaurants, Cafes, and shops at Rice Village when you get sick of the suburban and chain restaurant hell that is the Galleria.