Quick Best-Of List (Google the addresses yourself, don’t be lazy):

- Best Burger: Barrel (or) Founding Farmers (if you wanna sit down) Lindy’s Bon Apetit (if you like variety)

- Best Pizza: Comet Pizza & Ping-Pong (when sober), Jumbo slice (when drunk. IDGAF what anybody says, that stuff is delicious. If anyone tries to take you to Amsterdam Falafel instead, un-friend them)

- Best Sandwich: SUNdeVich (pricey, but big enough that you could split one with a friend)

- Best Coffee: Compass Coffee (or) A Baked Joint

- Best Ice Cream: Ice Cream Jubilee (or) Goodie’s (techinically frozen custard)

- Best Brewery: DC Brau (tasting tours on the weekend)

- Best city views: POV at W Hotel

- Best way to get around: Bikeshare - or those freestanding bikes that you can rent.

- Best hipster spot: Tryst Cafe

- Best dance spot (tie): U Street Music Hall, Marvin, Glen Echo Ballroom, and (funnily enough) POV at W Hotel

- Best brunch: Farmers Fishers Bakers (aka the only reason to ever set foot in Georgetown)

- Fun Places to go just outside the city: Old Town Alexandria (VA), Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar (National Harbor, MD)

- Best place to park: Downtown Silver Spring. The place is overrun with garage parking, all within a short walk to the metro station. There’s a good number of hotels there as well that are almost always cheaper than DC offerings.

Unless you have a motorcycle or diplomatic tags, avoid the headache of parking in DC if at all possible.

- Best way to see the city: BigBus (or) 2am ride via motorcycle, bicycle, or electric skateboard.