I’ve got a good one for this.

It’s the early 2000s, and I’d just turned 16 and gotten my permit. My mom’s car at the time was a 1996 Volvo 850 wagon, with a manual transmission. We lived a ways out in the suburbs in Upstate NY, on a residential dead end street with pretty much no traffic at all. Our driveway was long, and required backing out of, so my mom rightly thought that the best option would be for her to take the car out into the street, and let me have a go from there. She pulled the car out into the street and turned it off, and we traded seats. She instructed me to get in and just push on the pedals a bit with the car still off to “get a feel for them”. After a minute or so of getting situated, I was ready to turn the car on. Clutch in, foot on the brake, handbrake off, ready to go. I turned it on, and immediately the car revved to redline, bouncing off the limiter. I was, of course, startled by this, and in my inexperience, responded in the worst way possible: jumping, and inadvertently letting up pressure on the pedals. We did a burnout for at least 100 feet down the street before I regained my senses and got the clutch back in and turned the car off.

It turns out that in my “getting a feel” for the pedals, I’d pushed on the accelerator too hard, and its cable had come off the pulley that connected it to the throttle body (the car was old enough to not be drive by wire), so it was stuck wide open. As soon as I turned the car on we were off to the races.