I’ll tell about the first time I drove ALONE.

I had just gotten my license at 16 and was given a 1973 corolla manual by my grandfather. This was ‘92. I had spent a lot of hours the previous year driving an auto but had only had about 15 minutes driving the stick the day before. Dad told me when you get home from school do NOT try to take out the car.

Yeah, right. I got in the car as soon as I got off the bus (the last time I ever rode the bus) and proceeded to drive to the nearest girl’s house to show off my awesome new car. It was a little jerky but it was only two miles. Got there, parked it in her up hill driveway and yanked up that important parking brake dad told me about.

After about 30 minutes of showing the ins and outs of that awesome aftermarket A/C I realized I needed to get going before dad got home. So I started it up, proceeded to back out and it stalled. Embarrassed, I tried again, stalled. This time kept those RPM REALLY high and backed it out and pulled off. Stalled at the stop light. Stalled again at the next turn. Got home and something smelled pretty bad. And a light smoke coming from wheel wells.

That bad smell was the clutch plates because I never disengaged the parking brake.