The only car I have had that tried to kill me was the car that tries to kill everyone. A Dodge Viper.

Not just any Dodge Viper however, this was the limited production 1998 GTS-R. Number 88 out of 100 produced. Full Bellanger bolt ons, harnesses, the whole 9 yards. I was madly in love with this car. The 15 minute warm up procedure, the noise, the leg burning heat. It was majestic.

Until I tried to merge onto the Pacific Coast Highway at speed. I wasn’t made aware that it was on the original 1998 Michelin Pilot Sport tires. In 2013. What followed was perhaps the most sphincter clenching moment that I have ever had in a vehicle. After spinning thrice into oncoming traffic. I got the car pointed the right way, took it back to my dealership, and parked it until it was sold to a state far away. Where the cat-less exhaust was legal.

God I miss that car. Pic attached.