Pretty much every car I’ve owned has, at some point, tried to drive me to the great hear-after. A few highlights:

My first car was a ‘93 Dodge Shadow. Not a turbo or V6, either, but just a 2.5L slant-4 that made, like, 5hp? I’m not sure. It had a power-bump on the hood (remember those?), so it looked sort of fast.
One day, school was cancelled because we had a sudden squall that dropped about 3" of snow (this is southern Ohio, we’re waaaay bigger weinies about snow than northern Ohio), which then completely metled off by around noon. I was a senior in a country-bumpkin highschool, so we did what you do when you have a free day in 2002 when gas was still about $1.10/gal - you drove on backroads at ludicrous speed with all your friends jamming to Limp Bizkit. I only had one friend in the car at the time, and I hit a patch of the gravel/cinder mix they put down when it snows. I ended up doing a 1080, sitting in the ditch facing the way I’d came. I think the girl that was with me may have peed a little, but otherwise, we and the car were unhurt. Or so I thought.

A month later, on a trip with my mom, we were driving in a heavy rain when suddenly the back end of the car started to violently wobble. I hit the brakes...I had no brakes. Well, almost no brakes - I had just enough to get the car slowed down from 55mph to get it on the shoulder, shimmying the whole time. As soon as I came to a complete stop...CLUNK. The passenger-rear of the car dropped to the ground because the WHEEL FELL OFF. Seems I had in deep done some damage to the rear axle spindles, which caused the bearings to overheat and freeze, stripping the hubs loose. A month later, the other wheel fell off in my driveway. Cool.

Other things it did...the head blew, because I put cold water in the radiator when a hose popped off (I was 18 and stupid). Had a new head put on that the shade-tree mechanic I asked to do it botched the job, causing a rod to throw about 3 months later. After an engine-swap, i spent a month or so chasing down vacuum leaks, and it never ran right.

Then, I was turning left in downtown Point Pleasant, WV (home of the Mothman!), when a girl in a Cavalier decided to leave a nearby parking lot at full throttle and slammed into my front, spinning me completely around. First-gen airbags hurt, btw.