My 1997 Volvo 850 T5 tried to murder me. Thrice. (Edit: Actually four times!)

I-90 outside of Chicago, spring of 2012. I’m eastbound just before the Arlington Heights Road exit going about 60. The car in front of me didn’t notice stopped traffic in front of it and changed lanes at the last second. Suddenly I’m barreling down on it myself. I have plenty of stopping time but I have to stop NOW.

My front right caliper siezed. I do a spinout barely missing about 75 cars (So it seemed) and then I basically j hook off the road down an embankment. Luckily, I drove right back into traffic, being let back on the toll road by the same horrified people I nearly hit a moment earlier.

Same car, about a year later. Same road, this time near Schaumburg before 290 splits off. Similar scenario. Only this time a different caliper locked up sending me drifting sideways towards traffic. Luckily I only scraped the barrier between the east and west bound lanes.

This is after I had replaced the brakes. This is also the last time I drove that car on any till road.

The final time was 6 months later on Algonquin Road in Barrington, IL, the road I started taking instead of the toll road. It’s a terrible snow storm and the roads are covered. I pull away from a stop light turning left when midway through the intersection, I lost compression in what I layer discovered to be 3 of my 5 cylinders. I could barely make it out of the intersection before a big truck barreled through it, nearly missing me.

I limped it home, parked it next to my garage, and never drove it again. I replaced it with a beige Camry which never tried to kill me.

Edit: I forgot about the time it’s stock tire jack bent and snapped, nearly dropping the car on me as I was placing a jack stand. The car dropped but I got my hands out just in time.