1977 Chevy Cheyenne pick-up truck.

Quick overview - This truck had 4 shades of brown, 1 of rust and a right fender that was that faded Chevy blue. Nothing on it worked and it was almost certainly haunted. Also, no exhaust pipes, just straight headers. It sounded like a NASCAR rolling down a cliff that was full of nickles and bolts.

How it tried to kill me the first time.

After pushing this thing as hard as I could to get up to highway speed and merge in front of the 18 wheeler that was in the slow lane, I innocently hit one of those small bumps on the highway and heard a terrible grinding and screeching noise as the automatic transmission shifted into reverse... this instantly killed the engine locked up the rear tires and ended all power assistance for the brakes or steering. Since the lock up wasn’t caused by braking this made the tail end of the truck swing out and point me off the freeway, but still in the lane with the big rig. Being only 16 at the time, my inexperience lead me to over correct and muscle it the otherway with the exact effect you’d imagine. I finally came to a stop in the middle lane pointing the wrong way with the smell of tire smoke and fear surrounding me. The truck, realizing it failed its mission, fired right back up and we went on our way.

The second time.

The morning after off roading the beast and beating on it with friends I went out to head to work. Turning it over, the only sound to emanate from the hood was that of an electrical arc. Again, being naive and young, I thought nothing of it and attempted to turn it over again and again. After about the 5th time I decided to inspect the issue. Upon opening the hood I noticed that the battery had come detached and fallen into the exhaust manifold. Not only that, one of the wires was partially severed and the arc I heard... that was against the fuel pump.

After that - I sold the truck to a guy I didn’t like and never heard from either again.