My 1997 VW Jetta didn’t try to kill me but tried to break my spirit. It ran great except when:

  • I had semi-expensive, fun plans coming up
  • I had tattoo appointments coming up
  • I dared to “neglect” it on important days such as Valentine’s Day and my anniversary with the car 

I had to cancel so many trips, plans, and tattoo appointments because my Jetta demanded sudden emergency repairs. And God forbid I didn’t do or buy anything special for it on important days. As an example, on the morning of my 10-year anniversary with the car, the clutch cable broke during my commute and the Jetta was treated to a ride on the back of a tow truck to my mechanic. For the 11th anniversary I proactively detailed her and she remained a good, quiet VW.

I swear that car possessed a jealous spirit but I loved her so.