This thing - a 1990 Dodge Spirit, same as above pic.

The color of burgundy, the soul of Lucifer. My family’s first car once we immigrated to the US when I was a teenager.

It was pure lemon (which, as fresh off the boat immigrants, we did not know about lemon laws). Just in the first year, we made 25 visits to dealers for warranty repairs. Had its engine replaced twice. Transmission once. Leaked ac fluid through the firewall somehow = replaced carpeting, hoses. Wipers would stop working. In the rain only. Windows would fog up inside, and freeze. I used an ice scraper on the inside of the windshield. Try driving on I-75 with no forward or rear visibility. Rubber trunk seals were not tight, so driving on a dirt road meant dust entered trunk, then diffused around the back seats into driving compartment, reducing visibility.

And then it REALLY tried to kill me. The entire electrical system would sporadically just suddenly shut down. No warning. In a tenth of a second the engine would shut down. Power steering would be gone. Power braking would be gone. Dealers never figured out what the issue was. But try losing all power assist and engine and braking while on a highway exit cloverleaf, in traffic. Good thing the seats were dark to cover up the multiple code browns. Damn thing was finally totaled when a pickup truck hit the Spirit while it was parked. Not soon enough. And thirty years later, neither I nor anyone in my extended family has owned a Chrysler product. That’s, what, forty-fifty vehicle sales lost to Chrysler over one POS death trap Dodge?