I got a 1971 Super Beetle the summer before my senior year of high school. After a couple of engine rebuilds it was modestly reliable, especially considering I’d paid less than $1,000 for it.

It was my sophomore year of college, and I’d gone grocery shopping. While I was inside the rain began, and by the time I got back to the car it was in several inches of standing water. I loaded the groceries in the back (you quickly learn that loading them in the frunk causes your apples to taste like gasoline) and hopped in. A turn of the key... nothing.

I should explain this car had a glitchy starter solenoid that occasionally required a long screwdriver to jumper the battery connection in order to start. It was infrequent enough that I never bothered to replace it, which was a decision I now regretted mightily.

I waited a few minutes for the rain to subside, which it never did, before pulling up my britches and crawling under the car, still in about 6 inches of water.

Two things.

The car should be in neutral when attempting to start it in such a manner, lest the vehicle lurch forward and pin your right thigh to the ground in a way that is not entirely comfortable.

Secondly, laying on the ground in several inches of water while attempting to conduct electricity from one metal object to another, using a metal object held in your uninsulated hand while your other hand is touching the second previously mentioned metal object will, in fact, result in moderate full-body electrocution.

I’ve never seen a Final Destination movie, but yeah... that. I swear I heard that car laugh.