One of my absolute FAVORITE places to go while in Vegas, and it’s off Strip - the Pinball Hall of Fame.

I went 7 years ago for my honeymoon, and my wife said I could go. She gave me $10 in quarters to go play.

3 hours later, I got a phone call saying, “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!? I’VE BEEN AT THE ROOM WAITING TO GO TO DINNER!!!”

I’d spent less than $5 in quarters, and played some GREAT pinball tables - Pinbot, Taxi, FunHouse, Ripley’s, Twilight Zone...Each one was only a quarter to play, and with some skill, I lost several hours.

It’s about a mile down Tropicana, but man, it was a BLAST.

Also, another fun thing to go see is the Ethel M Chocolate factory and gardens. They have this really cool desert garden that you can wander through for free, and during the holidays, they have it all lit up with lights. Really neat to see.

And of course, if you’re shopping for souvenirs, it’s ON the Strip, but there’s the World’s Largest Souvenir Shop, located just north of SLS Las Vegas, at Sahara and S. Las Vegas Blvd. It’s full of all the kitschy souvenirs like swearing parrots, the “So and So went to Las Vegas and all I got was this crappy shirt”, loaded dice, postcards, etc. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s worth an hour to just peruse through the store and look at the things that are for sale there...

And, if you want nostalgia? The Neon Boneyard Museum. All of these really cool old neon signs that you can see, from Caesar’s to the original giant Skull heads from the Treasure Island signs back in the 90's, the old Stardust sign, and the famous Silver Slipper outside of the museum, on the Strip. If you go, MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR THE TOUR!!! We were lucky the day we went; they had openings, but the tours fill up, and it’s guided. They give you a really cool tour while talking about the signs and the intricacies of how some of it was formed, like the Yucca light.

And if you come back at night, on Fremont Street, you can see some of the old signs restored to their glory, like Vegas Vic...