I see most of my peeves have already been mentioned... don’t play “highway cop” and insist on driving slow in the left lane—with the attitude of “If they want to break the law and speed, they can go around me”, don’t block other drivers in the merge, signal please, stay in your lane... so let me add my latest.

Basically, this and all of the above boil down to please be aware that other drivers are on the road, and have somewhere to be.

My newest one is only getting worse in the GPS guidance era: blocking other traffic because you’ve missed a turn or exit. I see it all the time. Just yesterday I was driving to work, and this road had three lanes: the leftmost was a left-turn only lane to get onto the highway, and the middle and right lanes were to go straight, only. Well, I’m at the red light and Mr. Pickup Truck was in the center lane when he realized his GPS was telling him to take a left and get on the onramp, so, he turned on his blinker and waited for the light to turn green. Which it did... for the center and right lanes only. Left turn still had a red arrow. So, he waited. Blocking all the traffic behind him, he was going to wait out the entire cycle, and force everyone behind him to do the same, because he was going to miss his turn.

I’ve seen the same thing in other places. I’ve seen a car miss its exit, slam the brakes, then reverse down the highway to get back to the exit. Miss getting in to a turn-only lane and block two or three other lanes trying to get over. See the driveway they want to enter on the left, across two lanes, then stop all traffic behind and in front as they pull halfway across the road into oncoming traffic, forcing the center-most lane to stop while they wait for an opening in the far lane of opposing cars.

PEOPLE: just keep going. GPS will re-route you. Take the next exit. Go down one more block an make a U-turn or take a side street. Trust me, the roads all connect eventually. But they are so self-absorbed in their moment they are completely unaware of the safety situation they are creating, and the logjam around them, because their thing is the most important thing right now and everyone else is going to have to wait.

Seriously, for this and all the above, just think for a second that there are other people who need to get shit done and we can’t all stop because of whatever you’ve got going on. It’ll take you 30 seconds to go another way. Trust the GPS can get you there, even if you drive a mile in the wrong direction. Just go and figure it out. Please stop creating dangerous situations because you’re unaware that there are other people out there.