I currently live in Shenzhen, China, where even simple etiquette isn’t followed. Here is a a list of things that are done wrong:

#1 Highbeams. Around at least 30% of use them ALL THE TIME. I live in a dense part of the city (There’s like 11 million people in this city), shops open until 11pm/midnight, street lights everywhere and people will drive EVERYWHERE with highbeams, despite the all the other cars lighting up every inch of possible necessity. Fed up of getting blinded by these asshats.

Funfact: The police started trying to clamp down on this by actively pulling drivers over who were doing this and making them stare at their own highbeams for 5 minutes straight as punishment. It was deemed cruel and they stopped it a few weeks later... Just us pedestrians and other drivers who have to suffer now.

#2 Motorbikes being allowed to ride on the pavement at speed. Actually, this isn’t quite true as motorbikes are banned in Shenzhen as they used to be used to steal bags. Completely ridiculous as E-BIKES are allowed. I don’t know how a motorbike is bad, but a fast, freaking silent bike is fine. Either way, you can be walking anywhere and these E-Bikes will be all over the pavements.

#3 Driving through red lights. This is a stupid one caused by the city. They decided it was a good idea to let drivers GO THROUGH RED LIGHTS if turning right. It’s as stupid as you can imagine. Light goes green for 50+ pedestrians to walk across, but of course, now we can’t because of a dick in his Chinese copy SUV who seems to think he has priority over all these people and constantly honks at everyone to move out the way of his self entitled ass.

#4 The guys who drive Merc’s, BMW’s, Porsche’s (basically, anything for a guy who earns good money, but not enough for a rich guys car), and thinks he doesn’t have to wait in a traffic jam with the other peons and will drive up an entire street on the wrong side of the road, only to then honk at people who are driving in the correct direction as if they have to find a way to let him passed. If impossible, he will then just barge his way in front of the entire queue of cars he just passed illegally.

(actually saw a guy do this IN FRONT OF a police car. Policemen didn’t do a damn thing)

#5 People who park on the pavement with their entire car (not half on the curb, I mean all 4 wheels on the pavement), making it impossible for pedestrians and cyclists to get past. Also, the guys who park at the side of the road, blocking the whole access to the pavement because they didn’t want to look for somewhere better to park.

#6 Indicators. At least 60% of drivers here never use them. Even the driving instructors don’t use them.

#7 People driving at < 10mph (ok, it’s kph here), so they can use their phones and look for directions without needing to find somewhere to stop. happens a lot more than you might think.

#8 Tail gating. Enough said.

EDIT: #9 Overtaking before a turn. I cycle a lot (and at a fast speed - I clocked 46 kph on Friday - on a mountain bike, not a racer). It pisses me off immensely when I’m riding at a good speed, and a car behind me will speed up to overtake me, and then make a right hand turn 3 seconds later RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME forcing me to have to brake hard. Buses also do this. They will pass me and then immediately pull over and stop forcing me to again brake hard or swerve around them if that’s impossible.

The last time someone did this to me was last Wednesday, and I had to brake hard and make the same turn as him just to avoid hitting him still. I felt inner smugness though when my shoe (with metal on it) scrapped against his car leaving a massive fucking scratch along the side of it. Driver immediately stopped and started yelling at me in Chinese. He quickly stopped when he saw the anger on my face and when I started berating him in Chinese for being such a massively inconsiderate, impatient prick for not staying behind me for 2 measly damn seconds so he didn’t have to cut me off like that.

He tried to tell me to pay for the damage I did to his car, but then had a change of heart after I threatened to beat the living shit out of him and call the police to show them his driving with the video I’d recorded on my bikes camera. He fled quickly. He didn’t even notice my bike didn’t have a camera on it.

If I can think of anymore soon, I will add them. Honestly, it’s amazing the driving level of people here. There is a required 3 month minimum for people learning to drive here, and many people fail, and yet no one seems to know how the hell to drive. I passed my driving test in the UK back in 2011 in 6 freaking hours. It’s not rocket science.