I used to teach drivers ed. These might be two of the scariest.

1. I had a student who was afraid to drive fast. He was still uncomfortable with the controls and was improving, but inexperienced. In his first drive executing corners he went onto a lawn one time and almost into a mailbox. On his third drive he is doing better and eases the car up to 55, then slowly to the speed limit. We come up to a blind corner with a posted speed limit and he doesnt turn the well fast enough. I am reaching across for the wheel as we come around the corner on the wrong side of the road with oncoming traffic. He turns the wheel just in time but to far, I grab the wheel to save his over-correction and we are going straight down the correct side of the road. We got called in for that one.

2. I had a student who didn’t understand right of way and he struggled. We are in one of our last drives before the test practicing roundabouts. We had practiced the concept and he was the third driver in his group. Absolutely clueless and so unaware that he didn’t realize he was dangerous. Going into a two lane roundabout I have to use the chicken brake but that is the start of this maneuver. He has no idea he needed to stop, then we regroup, all is clear and we proceed into the roundabout. He goes in at less than 5mph, goes down the middle of the two lanes and misses his exit. Coming back around, still going at a walking pace, still in both lanes in spite of instructions to go in either lane and traffic is backing up. He makes the the exit, goes into a lane, the left one, then slams on his brakes to get into the right lane and slowly moves over without signalling. A good example of how to fail a drive in one maneuver.