I kind of have two for this one.

The first, was our drivers ed class. It was through Sears, and over right next to the mall. I’m not sure how they regulated things, but all the cars were souped up. The instructor/owner said he didn’t believe in teaching us to drive in something slow. We needed to learn in a real car. The favorite was a mid-80's Camaro with a 454 in it. (I think it was a 454 anyway, but I was still kind of a noob then.) He had a couple of Taurus SHO’s that had heavily modded engines, one had a Ferrari body kit even. Instructions for passing on the freeway were basically, “signal then floor it until you get a free spot to slip back over”.

Failed the driver test the first time around because of parallel parking. Apparently pulling in nose first, then doing a burnout to slide it in wasn’t acceptable.


Growing up in Texas, we didn’t get a lot of snow. I still had my permit, and mom basically had me driver her on all her errands and off to meets so I could get experience. One night a bridge, it apparently dumped about 2 and a half feet of snow while we were inside. She tosses me the keys and says “looks like you get some snow training!” I think it took us the better part of an hour to make it 5 miles home. Plowing snow in a minivan is a great experience though. No one else on the roads at all, and visibility was about 30 feet.