One from the Driver’s Ed teacher’s perspective: Once while driving with a student, as we approached a stale green light, I asked “Can you safely stop?” in an attempt to reinforce that she start checking her inside mirror prior to intersections more frequently. She just looked at me strangely.

Next stale green, I asked her again - “Morgan, can you safely stop?” Again, she looked at me as if I had five heads. I tried a couple more times, getting the same silent quizzical glance every time.

On the 5th stale green light, I kinda lost my cool and raised my voice a bit, and asked again, “Morgan, can you safely stop for this light? If this light were to change, could you safely stop?!”

She looked at me, and finally timidly squeaked out, “Flea stop?”

It took me a minute, but when I figured it out, well...

Morgan didn’t know it, but that was the first day she was ever going to drive solo; because I could barely see from laughing so hard.