When I took my driving test, I pulled out of the DMV. The officer is sitting int he passenger seat with is notebook. I get to the red light, look in my rear view mirror and a dump truck is barreling towards us not slowing. I tell the officer “I’m sorry about this” and go into the intersection (the light is still red) and over to the right in front of the turning lane.

The officer starts freaking out and then 1 second later the truck comes flying through, at least 40mph and nails a UPS truck square in the center of the box.

Somehow everyone survived, the officer runs over to check on the drivers of the two trucks, makes a couple calls. Meanwhile I’m sitting in my car still shaking. I literally thought I just witnessed people die.

The officer comes back, looks at me and says “I don’t think we need to continue this test, do you?” “Nope, I think I’m done for today..”

I passed my test with only having to drive maybe 100ft.