I’d start with get out of LA proper. The best part of the greater LA metro is all the little places. Get away from the crowds and traffic.

1. Go to the beach towns, rent a bike and ride along Venice, Manhattan, Redondo etc, stop by and grab a drink at any of the little beach side bars/restaurants.

2. Take your rental car and drive up along the PCH to Malibu and even all the way to Ventura, stop by for lunch at the Neptune’s Net. See the Getty Villa museum along the way.

3. Take the Amtrak Surfliner down to San Diego during sunset. A large part of that track runs right along the beach so sit on the right side southbound, left side northbound. Grab a beer/wine on the cafe car or bring your own!

4. Asian food is some of the best in US and North America. Japanese food in the Torrance area and West LA. Chinese food in San Gabriel Valley. Korean food... etc

5. For something completely different, there’s a little horse stable in Burbank called Circle K. It runs more like a horse rental service with a guide then the more typical guided tours where you go with a big group single file. Here, if you go as a group of 2, they’ll send you out as a group of 2 with a guide following along. If you’re comfortable and want to tear around at full gallop, you can. Take a longer ride up to the Hollywood sign up in the hills and get some great views.