I’m sooooooo happy!!!!

So many.... But to start.

My son used to sleepwalk a lot when he was around 8-9 yrs old. I’d wake to find him in the hallway outside my bedroom just shifting from foot to foot, eyes open but unseeing. Creepy af, let me assure you. One night I woke to a knocking sound, not hard, just sort of a rhythmic tap, tap, tap. It was my son’s head as he tried to walk through the wall. So far not scary, just my kid being a little creepy through no fault of his own. Years later his little brother started doing the same damn thing, in the same freakin spot. Fast forward a couple of years later and we’re doing a little reno work. Took down the nasty wallpaper in the hallway and found that there was a mirror there, underneath the thick wallpaper. A fucking mirror. My boys had been trying to walk into a mirror.