1) omg yessssss! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

2) so I grew up in a house with a lot of ghost goings on (I wrote about some of these last year or the year before but I was buried pretty far down thread). Our house growing up was 400 years old so a lot went on but nothing too sinister. This event actually took place in my mum’s new house - a little 1 bed cottage actually built in the 80s.

We’d been out for dinner (me, my mum and my mum’s husband) we’d had a couple of drinks but nothing major and headed back to the house. My mum and her husband headed up to the bedroom and I set up on the sofa bed. The downstairs so really small - really just 1 room with the front door at one end, a semi wall partition and then straight through to the kitchen. The stairs come down and end in front of the front door.

Anyway, I’m lying in bed and I know I’m not asleep because I’ve got a fucking Justin beiber earworm stuck in my head but I’m just lying there dosing in the dark when I hear footsteps come down the stairs. Nothing weird about that - my mum coming for a glass of water. She gets to right next to my bed and says “it’s really cold down here - do you want to come in with me?” Now, This is weird because it’s actually roasting in the house. I figure she’s just being weird so I keep my eyes close and pretend to sleep. I’m lying there feigning sleep when it dawns on me: that wasn’t my mum’s voice. I don’t know who it was but it wasn’t her. Why would she ask me up to her room anyway? I’m 27, her husband’s there. Fuck. I lie there, Now with my heart racing, terrified to open my eyes and I realise I never heard footsteps go back upstairs - is it still there??

I lie with my eyes screwed shut, terrified for about 20 minutes (or who even knows how long - it felt like forever) before I get up the courage to open my eyes and lunge for the light switch. Nothing there. I run around turning on all the downstairs lights. I must have made a right noise bevakse then my mum comes down the stairs for real. I ask her “I AM VERY SERIOUS DID YOU COME TALK TO ME JUST NOW?”, “of course not” she says. Then I just burst into tears.

What if I has opened my eyes?? Where did it want me to go with it???

The end