I was returning to Pennsylvania from Toronto last January, around 1 in the morning. Not wanting to pay an arm and a leg for Canadian gasoline, I figured I could stop for gas somewhere in Western NY. However, I forgot that Western NY is a barren wasteland devoid of people and happiness. My gas light comes on, and after a little while I see an exit and a sign that says “next exit 19 miles”. I know this is my only hope, so I get off and begin searching for gas. My GPS shows two stations. One looks like it has been closed since the Carter Administration. The other looks like it closed an hour ago. Now I’m in trouble. I begin breathing hard and decide to circle back and head towards what looks like town. My stress must have caused me to drive a teensy bit fast, because all of a sudden I see police lights behind me.

Apparently I was going 52 in a 45. Small town cop let me off because of my out of town and gas situation. He even drove me to the nearest station. Happy ending.