1) Plan to replace your car battery every 2 years and your tires every 3/4. Sun melts so much here.

2) Do not go outside. Don’t. Amazon Prime Now is your friend.

3) We’re a 5/6 hr drive from Vegas and San Diego. Great weekend getaways.

4) We don’t change time here, so hack your life by never having to deal with daylight savings ever again.

5) The above means that football is on very early, lots of bars open at 8am on Sundays

6) You can find liquor ANYWHERE. Every Walgreens is like a liquor store.

7) Don’t hang out in Tempe if you can avoid it, overrun by drunk college kids.

8) Grand Canyon is not far away, there’s often free entry weekends.

9) Your driver’s license doesn’t expire until you’re 65, which means you rarely have to deal with the DMV.

10) If you see an out of state license plate, gtfo. October-Feb is snowbird season and they drive slow as fuck.