Temperatures in a black car can easily reach 160 degrees F on a summer day. Temps inside a white care can easily reach 140 degrees. Any car that is not whitey white white is almost black as far as interior temps go. With that in mind...

  • Drive a white car.
  • Get the best window tint you can afford.
  • Use a folding, white, windshield screen.
  • Fabric seats do not feel as hot as leather seats.
  • Get a car with a sunroof. When you park, crack the sun roof (or better, tilt it) as well as one or two other windows. When you drive off, lower one rear window about half way and open the sun roof. The extremely hot air inside the car will swirl right out the top within 15 seconds and be replaced with just hot air. Then you can close the roof and windows to let the AC cool it off.

Meanwhile, if you have a house,

  • When the humidity is 30% or less, misting nozzles can cool the air as much as 20 degrees F on your patio. Those things are amazing.
  • Similarly swamp coolers are amazing on arid days. The air feels like ice water blowing on you. It will take your breath away.
  • If you have a lawn, deep water (about an inch) no more than twice a week during the hottest heat of summer. The rest of the year back off on frequency but deep water every time.
  • Put solar panels on your roof.