I love Phoenix. Lived there nearly a decade. Some recommendations (in addition to the good ones from burnerofcourse):

1) The Wind Cave trail out in Usery (Superstition Mountains) - excellent hike, and while it’s not accessible for those w/ limited mobility, it’s not a hard hike and the views pay off.

2) Drive up South Mountain on a clear day for some great views of the city.

3) The Harkins Cine Capri screens are huge and excellent for watching a blockbuster when you don’t want to pay IMAX prices (plus their seats are comfortable).

4) Some restaurants worth trying: Oregano’s, Pita Jungle, La Grande Orange, and Teepee’s. If you’re lucky, at Teepee’s you can sit at the same table President George W. Bush had when he ate there. My grandpa always asks for it.

5) Always park in the shade, crack your windows a centimeter, and throw a shade in your windshield.

6) The Children’s Museum is great if you have kids, and the Art Museum has a nice collection. The Art Museum is also free on Wednesdays from 3-9PM and other random Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. (More info on their site.)

7) You will not regret a tour of Taliesin West. It’s a beautiful example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s later work, and you can snag some incredible photos of the building while you’re on the tour.