Materials which are supposed to look like other materials.

I’m talking about plastic that attempts (poorly) to look like wood. If you want to build an economy car, build an economy car, don’t try to plastic-fantastic it with a fake wood grain interior.

I’m also talking about plastic that has a pattern in it that is supposed to replicate leather, despite the fact that the sheen clearly betrays the fact that it is, indeed, hard plastic. Ford trucks and SUVs are big offenders here.

I’m talking about plastics that try to mimic carbon fiber. While I’m on that rant, carbon fiber was designed to save weight. It is fantastic in some applications, but utterly pointless (in terms of weight savings) in other applications. When it comes to interior trim, carbon fiber often weighs MORE than the plastic equivalent pieces, and even when it doesn’t, the weight savings are trivial. That is why fake carbon fiber trim bits are stupid.

I’m talking about fake air vents which aren’t even open (they’re closed deeper in the mold) or don’t vent anything important if they are.

I’m talking about fake diffusers that aren’t deep enough to have any aero benefit.