After living here 15 years, I’d say a lot of the best stuff about SF is what SF is *near*. You’re close to the biggest trees in the world (redwoods, not just the crowded Muir woods, but also Samuel P Taylor park), the foggiest spot in North America (Pt Reyes), largest seabird colony in the contiguous 48 (Farallon islands), the biggest dunes in America (Mussel Rock), the 2nd best panoramic view in the world (literally, more of earth’s surface viewable anywhere except Killamanjaro, Mount Diablo), etc.

There’s wine country (Sonoma is more fun than Napa, e.g., Sonoma Cider Co, Sonoma City, Sebastopol), Marin (the most pleasant county I’ve ever visited and where most of the 60s rockers ended up, e.g., the Dead. I saw Santana at the Corte Madera mall last week, in fact), Oakland (Brooklyn-west), Berkeley/Stanford, and little towns you’ll never see on a tourist map, like Port Costa (shhhhh please don’t tell anyone, population 190).

It’ll keep you entertained for decades.