Since most of the comments are about tourism, I’ll write a bit about living here.

San Francisco is a “three move city”: the first move is about getting in the door, the second move is either with friends or in a good location, and the third move nails both. The city has decent rent control laws, but a new transplant is unlikely to know enough people to uncover rooms for rent under market price. Those with a large social network can find a bedroom for around $1000 in convenient neighbourhoods.

When I’m asked about the city itself, I usually say “I love the Bay Area, but San Francisco has some very strong positives and negatives”. The negatives are well known: rent is high, the influx of new money is obnoxious, and daily frustration runs high. However, the positives can be a bit more hidden. The cityscape is gorgeous, but the best stuff takes a bit of work to uncover. San Francisco was a center of counterculture, but now I would say it’s a mecca of subculture. The city’s full of weirdos with free time, so naturally, there’s all sorts of communities to be a part of. In the Mission alone, there are two internet radio stations, a DIY “hacker space”, multiple theatres and music venues both commercial and hidden, a non-profit movie theater, and that’s just the stuff I know about. I’m sure there’s all sorts of amazing groups doing anything and everything you can possibly imagine.

I’ve only lived here for 3 years, and I have known plenty of people who didn’t stick. They moved here after me and left before me, but if your willing to hustle to make the rent work (or meet some people with an rent-controlled open room), it’s a very rewarding city and larger metro area.

Happy to comment here further if anyone has specific questions!