I don’t have anything against autonomous taxis, but while I intellectually accept and support them, it’s highly unlikely I’d use one. Not out of fear or prejudice, but because I haven’t had any need to use a taxi of any sort in decades, and don’t foresee having such a need at any likely point in my life.

I am one of that vast vast vast majority of normal humans in America that actually owns and drives my own car for 99.999% of all travel needs. I don’t live or work in a congested urban area ... I have no need for a taxi. Just about the only situation I can envision for taxi use is if I have to travel by air, then I’d need a ride to the airport ... and because I’m cheap, if I couldn’t get a friend to drive me, I’d probably call the Blue Shuttle (or whatever tf they’re called).

Now, ask me about accepting autonomous *privately owned cars* ... fuck yes, I want one for my old age so I can go anywhere I want anytime I want even when I’m half blind and have the reflexes of a deceased tree sloth.