I go back and forth on the “performance street truck” argument more often than a tennis ball at Wimbledon. On the one hand you’ve got a basic tool gussied up to do something it was never intended to do. On the other hand most performance cars aren’t really that practical in the first place. I’d say a performance street truck makes as much sense as a performance coupe in that they both hold two people, have limited function outside of their desire to go fast, cost more as a result of the “go fast” and not their ability to function normally and should never be taken seriously.

The biggest difference is that in an absolute pinch I can put down a cloth and gently place something heavy in the bed of my Ford F-1-5.0 Litre. Hell, I can even do a little towing with it. What I can’t do is fit sh*t inside my Mustang 5.0 or tow anything at all without looking like a prat.