When I had my previous Civic Si, I used to seek out the fun way to get where I was going. A periodic trip was from Raleigh, NC to Reading, PA. The “normal” way there involved a long slog up I-95. The way I chose to go was pretty much north-northwest out of Raleigh, eventually meeting up with I-81 somewhere in central VA.

In the course of doing that, I found US-60 to be pretty fun between Amherst and Buena Vista. So on a later trip, I did some digging in advance, scanning Google Maps for the twistiest road I could find, then devising a route that took me to it.

Everything was going great, and I got to my twisty road. ‘Cept it wasn’t... ya’know... paved. Or really a road. Or much of anything, really. It kept getting narrower, and more covered with major potholes and more major rocks, climbing and switchbacking and no possible way to cry uncle and turn around.

Finally, it came out... as a walking trail out of a rest area on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yes, I ended up driving up a walking path onto the Blue Ridge.

Maybe not so much a GPS fail as a driver fail....