Went camping outside of Whistler one weekend and, after leaving the village, realized my fuel gauge was virtually on empty. I contemplated turning around but figured I’d have a better chance finding gas further down the mountain (turning around would have meant wasting more fuel trying to climb the mountain highway.) I searched for nearby gas stations in my GPS, found one, and proceeded to take the recommended route. By this point the needle was below empty and I had to hypermile the car down the hill.

As I get nearer to the end point, the route takes me on a water front road, leading towards a marina. A sinking feeling came upon me as I turned a corner and saw that the gas station I was being directed to was a floating station, designed to fuel the boats within said marina.

Many jokes were had at my expense as I called BCAA, gave them my sob story, and waited for a service truck to arrive with a jerry can of free gas.

Thank the gods for being part of their higher tier emergency services.

I’ve since learned to double check the end location every time I’m GPSing a place I’ve never been to before.